Amazon Prime Student

Use your Deserve EDU card to sign up for an Amazon Prime Student subscription and get reimbursed up to a life-time total of $69.

  1. Apply for the Deserve EDU card.
  2. Once approved, register for Amazon Prime Student. Use your Deserve EDU card to pay.
  3. Once Amazon charges your card, we issue you credits. That is $7.49 per month if you chose the monthly plan, or $69 one time if you select annual.

Terms & Conditions

To qualify and receive the rebated fee, you must first make Purchases totaling $500 or more within the first three statements after card issuance. “Purchases” do not include travelers checks, foreign currency, money orders, wire transfers or similar cash-like transactions, lottery tickets, casino gaming chips, race track wagers or similar betting transactions, returned merchandise or refunds, interest, unauthorized or fraudulent charges, and fees of any kind.) If you enroll with Amazon Prime Student, attain  and pay for such service with your Deserve EDU card following the 3-statement post account opening qualification period, we will reimburse your Amazon Prime Student subscription fees as a benefit of being a Deserve EDU Mastercard cardholder. Each eligible Deserve Edu Mastercard cardholder may redeem this benefit for a lifetime maximum reimbursement of $69.

If you elect to pay for Amazon Prime Student on a monthly basis (currently $7.49 per month), our payment/reimbursements will appear on your account statements for 10 months after the completion of the 6-month no-cost trial period when Amazon bills your credit card account, until you reach a total reimbursement of $69, provided that your Deserve Mastercard account remains in good standing during the 10-month period.

If you elect to pay the Amazon Prime Student annual fee (currently $69), our payment/reimbursement for $69 will appear on your account after the completion of the 6-month free period when Amazon bills your Deserve Mastercard account, provided that your account is eligible and in good standing at that time.

Deserve is not affiliated with Amazon and Amazon does not warrant this offer. Any questions about the offer should be directed to Deserve, Inc. Any questions about Amazon Prime services should be directed to Amazon.

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