You’re so much more than your FICO® Score

So get credit for it!

You’re so much more than your FICO® Score

So get credit for it!

Deserve Edu Mastercard

Build a Credit History

1% Cash Back on all Purchases

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$0 Annual Fee

No Deposit or Cosigner Required

* Get reimbursed for subscription fees up to a life-time total of $49

For College Students

Subject to approval. Certain terms, conditions and exclusions apply. Please see Deserve Edu terms and conditions for details.
Please see Amazon Prime Student terms and conditions for details.

Already have an established credit score?
You can apply for the Deserve Pro Mastercard.

3% Cash Back
on Travel & Entertainment

2% Cash Back
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1% Cash Back
on All Other Purchases

Subject to approval. Certain terms, conditions and exclusions apply. Please see Deserve Pro terms and conditions for details.

Special Offer for College Students: Amazon Prime Student is on us!

Sign up for Amazon Prime Student with your Deserve Edu Mastercard and we’ll pay up to $49 for your subscription. That’s right, as a Deserve Edu customer, we’ll pay for all the great Amazon Prime benefits, like Free 2-day shipping, Prime Video, and Prime Music. Just make sure to use your Deserve Edu Mastercard as your payment method when you enroll in Amazon Prime Student.

How to Enroll:


 If you’re not already approved for a Deserve Edu Mastercard, apply now.


 Once you’re approved for a Deserve Edu Mastercard, sign up for Amazon Prime Student using your Deserve Edu card as your payment method.


 When Amazon charges your Deserve Edu card, we will issue statement credits for $5.49 per month for the monthly payment plan or $49 for the annual payment plan. The life-time total benefit per cardholder is $49 and your account must be in good standing when the charge(s) appear.

See Amazon Prime Student offer terms and conditions.

Our Mission

At Deserve, we are committed to providing deserving but underserved people access to fair credit.

When it comes to credit, most young people are caught in a catch-22: you don’t qualify for credit because you lack credit history, and to build a credit history you first need to get credit.

Deserve is different. Where traditional lenders see risk, Deserve sees potential. We measure each applicant’s credit potential by looking at factors such as education, current financial health, and future employability and earnings potential, in addition to your credit history – if available.

Ultimately, we believe credit and lending should be a win-win-win. Helping our customers be successful with credit and become financially independent is good for them, our business, and society, overall.

Credit Education

At Deserve, we are invested in your financial success. Beyond helping you gain access to fair credit products, we are also here to help you achieve financial independence. Get started by visiting our Credit Education center for resources on how to build a good credit score.

Click Play to learn Why Your Credit Score Matters.

Why a Credit Score Is Important

Five Ways to Build a Good Credit Score

How to Choose a Credit Card

Benefits of Owning a Credit Card

How to Maximize Your Credit Card

In the News

Deserve Has Been Recognized By Top Publications For Our Work.

Credit cards may be popular, but for millions of people living in the United States they are unattainable. Deserve is working on changing that.

Deserve is open to eligible candidates who lack of a Social Security number, a credit history or both.

Deserve’s consumer-centric focus and innovative underwriting not only expand access to credit for Millennials and Gen Z’s, but also resonate with their values of building financial independence.

Our Customers Love Us

I'm a proud customer. It's efficient with clear payment options and accepted almost everywhere. I would absolutely recommend it to all students.

Margaret K.

University of Texas at San Antonio

Getting the card has enabled me to start building my credit history while I'm still a student.

Aaron L.

University of California, San Diego

I use my credit card for many things from buying groceries to paying my bills. It's more convenience than carrying cash.

Diana A.

University of California Berkeley

Deserve is Funded by and Partnered with Giants of the Industry

Backed by top VC firms, including Accel, Aspect Ventures, Pelion Ventures. Partnered with Celtic Bank.

So what are you waiting for?