June 2022

Our Values

Deserve was never meant to be just another player in the traditional credit card space. From day one, our mission was born from the desire to promote meaningful change by innovating financial technology. But it’s not enough to have a mission or a guiding light. We are only here today because of our unwavering values. They help us deliver on our mission and propel us further beyond what we–and the rest of the credit industry–thought possible. Here’s how we’ve revolutionized the credit card stack.

Put people first.

At Deserve, we put our heart and soul into delivering state-of-the-art credit card solutions, but at the end of the day, people will always be our number one priority. After all, Deserve was built on the idea that a truly modernized credit card industry would level the playing field, helping individuals and small businesses as much as larger institutions. 

Our interest in empowering people extends beyond how we design our products to how we operate as a company and who we hire to make Deserve the best place possible to work.  Intelligence, while certainly valued, is just the baseline for our employees. We don't hire intelligent jerks. We treat individuals with respect and we let caring and concern for them guide our words and actions. We believe in having a growth mindset and creating space for personal development. 

Win together.

People win with customizable credit card solutions. We partner with industry innovators to deliver cutting-edge products that customers are actually excited to use. Our programs help customers earn rewards in never-before-utilized categories and maximize their spending for better living.

The industry wins with diversification and innovation. Our cloud-based, digital-first, and API-driven platform delivers a value proposition that the credit card industry’s never seen: not only are we enabling our partners to profitably launch and grow a high-quality and modern credit card program, but we can do it in as little as 90 days. 

Lastly, our team members win in an inclusive workplace that respects diversity and applauds authenticity. We all win through our shared efforts and mutual trust because all of us are more powerful than any of us. 

Lead innovation. 

At Deserve, we maintain absolute conviction in our mission and strive to do whatever it takes to achieve our goals. We challenge the status quo, take calculated risks when needed, and act with urgency to accelerate the adoption of game-changing, modernized credit card products and services. 

Our actions and ambitions are driven by the belief that we can only bring the credit card stack into the future if we do it together. We treat the innovative ideas of our partners, clients, and team members as motivation to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Our innovation and collaboration mindset brings unique and boundary-pushing credit cards into the market and helps companies successfully launch their own custom credit card solutions in record time. 

Be good. Do good. 

Integrity and honest communication are at the heart of Deserve’s mission and unique business model. We believe in the power and value of giving back and paying it forward, and because we aren’t in it for the recognition. We deliver on our promises even when no one is looking. 

We know what it takes to build the ultimate credit card program for our customers and partners because we only bring credit cards into the market that we know will help consumers make better choices with their money. While the desire for radical innovation is baked into the Deserve playbook, we balance our professional ambitions with a need to remain productive and realistic. Improving the credit card landscape for everyone is simply the right thing to do. 

Get sh*t done.

With Deserve, you’ll never hear us talk the talk unless we're confident in our ability to walk the walk.

Above all, we understand that the best relationships are built on a foundation of uncompromising trust. So when we say we are going to do something for our clients and partners, we go above and beyond to ensure we get it –and we get it done well. Our customers trust us to build products that actually work because we take our professional relationships seriously and we prove every day that we’re up to the task. 

Powering the future of credit cards.

Does all of the above sound great to you? Check out our Careers page and come build the future with us!

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