June 2022

Powering the Future of Credit Cards


When Deserve was founded, we built a credit card designed to make credit more accessible for college students. Since then, our cloud-based platform has evolved to help businesses of all types build scalable credit and charge card programs. Digital-first, mobile-centric, and API-driven, our Credit Card as a Service platform has revolutionized credit. We’ve been leading our industry into the future, but our brand identity did not communicate Deserve's depth and innovation. Our new website and logo needed to balance modernity with warmth, and innovation with openness.


Deserve does so much more than launch and issue credit cards. We are a platform with many complex moving parts. To add some sophistication to our brand, we took a fresh approach with our hero imagery. Instead of using more expected tech component illustrations, we focused on illustrating the big ideas of our platform in an inspiring way. The new color palette and abstract gradient illustrations were inspired by midcentury design but modernized, much like how we have modernized the credit card stack. We interpreted the building blocks of our platform (such as underwriting, compliance, rewards, crypto, and more) into gradient illustrations that are bold, colorful, and welcoming, just like us. They are also flexible and customized, just like the features of our platform. 

By removing the D icon from our logo, we were able to shift the focus to “Deserve.” We made our logo simpler, stronger, and more confident with tighter letter spacing and a pop of color at the end. The newly designed arrow follows both the curves of the typeface in our name as well as the curves of a credit card’s corners.


Our branding now accurately highlights our strengths and adaptability in an always-evolving industry. Leaders in fintech, crypto, traditional finance, and more turn to us to build industry-leading credit card programs, and we are excited to have a brand that better represents how Deserve is serving the modern world.

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