About Deserve

Deserve is a next generation analytics-based fintech company. Through machine learning and alternative data, Deserve is helping millennials and Gen Z’s, the next wave of credit owners, gain financial independence through access to fair credit products.

The Deserve Edu and Pro Mastercards were designed with compelling features that will appeal to the next generation of credit card users.

Our Mission & Approach

At Deserve, we are committed to providing deserving but underserved people access to fair credit.

When it comes to credit, most young people are caught in a catch-22: you don’t qualify for credit because you lack credit history, and to build a credit history you first need to get credit.

Deserve is different. Where traditional lenders see risk, Deserve sees potential. We measure each applicant’s credit potential by looking at factors such as education, current financial health, and future employability and earnings potential, in addition to your credit history – if available.

Our compliance framework has been developed in kind to meet the most stringent requirements set forth by the law, using enhanced identity verification and consistent lending practices to ensure the utmost security and safety. The entire process, from sign up through approval to account management, is simple and frictionless.

Ultimately, we believe credit and lending should be a win-win-win. Helping our customers be successful with credit and become financially independent is good for them, our business, and society, overall.

Deserve is measuring potential, not just risk.

—Kalpesh Kapadia,
CEO of Deserve

Our History

Two years ago, we launched the company as SelfScore to provide international students access to fair credit. We remain committed to serving international students who lack access to the traditional banking system. But through serving them, we have developed the technology and infrastructure to serve all college students in the U.S., as well as the general market.

Now we are changing our name to Deserve and launching new and improved products to serve a broader audience of people who are deserving but underserved by traditional banking.

Meet the Leadership

Board of Directors

Kalpesh Kapadia
CEO & Co-Founder
Theresia Gouw
Founding Partner
Aspect Ventures
Sameer Gandhi
General Partner
Saurabh K. Mittal
Chairman and Chief Investment Officer
Mission Holdings
Blake Modersitzki
Founding Partner
Pelion Venture Partners


Institutional investors include Accel, Aspect Ventures, Pelion Venture Partners, Fenway Summer Venture Capital, SparkLabs Global Ventures, and other investors include seasoned entrepreneurs, senior executives from the likes of Capital One, Deutsche Bank, Google, LinkedIn, Uber, and Airbnb as well general partners of major venture and hedge funds.

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