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Congratulations to the twenty-five US students and twenty-five international students who won this year’s Deserve Scholarship Sweepstakes. We are delighted to help you pay your tuition.

Check out the winners!

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2020-2021 Deserve Scholarship Recipients

Gilson Antunes da Silva
University of Central Florida
Grace Arcuri
University of Cincinnati
Julen Ariztoy Aznar
University of California-Los Angeles
Weltron Bitange
Dallas County Community College District
Aya Bukres
New York University
Laurie Chapman
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
Wendi Linn Chrissley Peterson
Western Governors University
Michael Chu
University of California-Santa Barbara
Adway Das
Pennsylvania State University
Britney Davis
North Carolina State University at Raleigh
Yash Dedhia
The University of Texas at Dallas
Ernest Ewur
Wentworth Institute of Technology
Erin Fabian
Villanova University
Jessica Godinez
California State University-Chico
Andre Guiraud
Florida State University
Maya Gurung
East Central University
Jessica Haney
University of Houston
Ling-I Huang
New York University
Tony Hung
Columbia University
Xin Jiang
University of California-Santa Barbara
Minakshi K C
Genesee Community College
Prashant Kumar
The University of Texas at Dallas
Camryn Larissey
University of Missouri
Sengthida Lattanavong
Dallas Baptist University
Julie Leith
Texas A & M University-Corpus Christi
Serena Lopez
Rowan University
Yuan-Fu Lou
Carnegie Mellon University
Vedant Maniyar
California State University-Fullerton
Archibald Manu
Arizona State University
Lakaron McGee
University of Louisiana Monroe
Isaac Sekyi Nana Mensah
Columbia University
Quynh Nguyen
City Colleges of Chicago-Malcolm X College
Reilly Osadchey Brown
Boston University
Bhushan Shankar Padgal
The University of Texas at Arlington
Julia Park
Marymount University
Milica Pavlovic
Georgetown University
Alicia Perez
California State University-East Bay
Anubhav Rawal
Western Michigan University
Ericka Rios
University of Arizona
Hardik Rokad
New York University
Digvijay Roy Varier
University of California-Berkeley
Chloe Schachter
Columbia University
Hunter Smith
Purdue University
Kulule Tolu
Minnesota State University-Mankato
Joe Allen Trinidad
Western Governors University
Ankit Verma
University of Kansas
Soe Naing Win
University of California-Berkeley
Philip Kuo
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Tammy Annichiarico
Western Governors University
Xin Jiang
University of California-Santa Barbara

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