April 2022

The Deserve Commercial Credit Card Platform

Today, Deserve is excited to announce the launch of the Deserve Commercial Credit Card Platform, designed to help companies that serve other businesses launch co-branded corporate credit and charge cards. Built for everyone from banks and online lenders to fintechs and marketplace businesses, our platform will revolutionize the commercial credit card space.

In the past, our B2B (business-to-business) companies didn't have a modern platform to issue commercial credit card programs. There were too many obstacles (like underwriting, regulatory requirements, and more) to launch a business credit card independently, so they often had to rely on larger banks for their business credit card needs. Unfortunately, large legacy banks don’t offer timely, customized solutions that align with partner branding or embed into existing partner platforms. This means that not only does the overall experience feel disjointed and difficult to navigate, but there is also little room to deepen the relationship with end customers.

Now, there is another way.

The Deserve Commercial Credit Card Platform uses next-generation technologies to deliver an all-in-one solution. Our platform is designed to help partners create commercial credit cards that allow businesses to manage their finances more effectively and efficiently. Not only is the platform easy to use and convenient, but it also creates opportunities to customize rewards and underwriting strategies, as well as facilitate payments. And with instant issuance and digital wallet provisioning, our smooth, digital application allows approved cardholders to start using their cards within minutes and easily manage their cards.

Underwriting and fraud protection

Developed by our team of world-class data scientists, and approved by our issuing banks, the Deserve Underwriting Engine is built for today’s world, utilizing state-of-the-art algorithms. With our interactive UI, partners can determine if they want to examine standard financial attributes such as credit files, credit scores, and income, as well as up to 1,500 more attributes, such as cash flow underwriting which allows partners to be more informed of their applicants’ financial situations. This leads to optimal decisioning: more great customers and fewer defaults.


The Deserve Commercial Credit Card Platform will help partners go further. If partners want to go beyond cashback and build brand loyalty, Deserve has a flexible rewards engine that allows partners to deploy unique value propositions to their customers. Partners can get creative and define rewards based on multiple parameters like spend levels, merchant codes and categories, payment histories, and more. Even further, partners can allow their customers to redeem rewards through options like cashback, direct ACH transfer, gift cards, and even third-party bank transfers. Companies will not only be able to establish rewards structures that work for them, but also help them grow their businesses in new, exciting directions.

Expense and spending management

The Deserve Commercial Credit Card Platform provides real-time data in an easy-to-understand expense management dashboard. The platform will integrate with businesses’ accounting software and also allow customizable approval workflows to make it easier for businesses to manage employee expenses.

Traditionally, tracking down receipts for business expenses also takes time. Luckily with our platform, our co-branded app experience will not only capture and store receipts digitally, but it will also automatically match receipts to the right credit card transaction. This makes it quick and easy for employees to keep track of their receipts and helps administrators to validate the expenses, saving time and headaches for all involved.

Deserve’s platform also enables partners to optimize best spending practices. Through our platform, business owners can easily customize certain aspects of employee spending and account management. For example, they can add, remove, and designate users (authorized users, admin, etc.) to the business account, as well as control spending, change credit limits, pause a card, and even set employee spending limits by purchase merchant category, spending amount, time of purchase, location, and more.

With a rise in credit card fraud due to the pandemic, it’s also extremely important to have protective measures in place that you can trust. Our platform uses leading-edge, machine learning technologies to monitor all transactions for your program and prevent fraud with accuracy and scalability.

Built for you

Deserve’s Commercial Credit Card Platform will help partners make the most of their businesses. Learn more about our Commercial Credit Card Platform on our website today, and bring your business into the future with Deserve.

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