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“The Deserve® EDU Mastercard for Students offers a gateway to credit” – Nerdwallet®

“The entire Deserve® card program is tailored specifically for students” – MONEY® Magazine

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Establish A Credit History Early

For life’s big decisions like renting an apartment or buying a car, having a credit history is a must. We combine machine learning and alternative data sources allow students to access and start building credit.
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Foster Good Credit Habits

Our credit limits start small to facilitate responsible credit use, so your child should never miss a payment or carry a balance. As they consistently show good credit behavior, their credit limit can continue to grow.
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Avoid Credit Traps From Day One

Our cards have no teaser APRs, no balance transfers, and no annual fee. We also keep a curated library of credit resources to help prepare new credit holders for financial independence in college and beyond.
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