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How to Find the Right On-Campus Job

Being a college student is expensive, but also affords you a lot of flexibility with your time. An on-campus job is an excellent way to fill your time and earn some extra money. A job on campus can also expand your social circle and allow you to gain valuable work experience that will make you a more attractive job candidate.

The benefits are clear for having an on-campus job. To maximize your experience, you want to find a position that is best for you.

Find the Right Hours

Most on-campus jobs are accommodating for your school hours. They are usually less than 20 hours a week. If you are in a demanding major that requires many hours of study, you may only want to work 15 or even 10 hours. Try to schedule an average week for yourself—with realistic estimates of time you will spend on studying, sleeping, and entertainment—to determine how much time you can devote to work.

Find Relevant Experience

It may not always be possible, but it is ideal to work somewhere relevant to your studies. This could mean finding work as an intern or assistant to a professor in your field. Of course, these positions can be rare and quite competitive. Or your department simply may not have the funding to offer them. However, any job in an office or under someone with professional experience can expose you to important information and skills you can use in your future career.

Know How Long You Want to Work

Many on-campus jobs allow students to continue their jobs between semesters/quarters. Sometimes they offer more hours, with the possibility of full-time work as you gain more experience. However, some campus jobs may not hav the funding or the need for employees between sessions. When looking for an on-campus job, check with your employer to create a work situation that suits both of you.

Good luck in your search for an on-campus job. Having an on-campus job is a great way to earn money and gain valuable work experience. Your on-campus job will ideally help you in your next step to find a summer internship or a job after graduation.