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Effective Ways to Save While in College

It can be tough to save money while you are in college. For some students, working is simply not possible. There is only so much free time you may have between studying, extracurricular commitments, and your social life. But as the old saying goes: “a dollar saved is a dollar earned.” So, if you are resourceful, there are a lot of ways to save money that you can use to pay for your tuition or anything else.

Find Free Stuff Online or on Campus

At the end of every academic year, there are a lot of students that need to sell everything in their apartment before they move back home. Hundreds of dollars worth of items including mattresses, rice cookers, kitchenware, and furniture are given away for free or sold at a low price. You can find many of these deals by asking your friends, browsing on Craigslist, or searching on Facebook. Another way to get tons of free stuff like t-shirts, backpacks, and school supplies is to seek out events on your campus. Many companies come to college campuses to promote their brand and they will usually give out promotional “swag” items.

Lower Transportation Costs

Ridesharing and taxis can be expensive, especially when there are more inexpensive methods of transportation. Buying a bike can be a good investment, especially if you can find another student selling ones for $200 or less. Your university might also cover public transportation costs, so you can take the bus for free. If you or one of your friends has a car, you might also want to consider splitting the cost to bring a car to your university. Owning a car is expensive for an individual, however if people split the cost of one car, then a car can be very cost-efficient to use to travel.

Cook Meals at Home

Eating out at restaurants or buying food to take home can be expensive. Even if you use on-demand food delivery services, you are spending extra money for delivery charges and possibly tip.

Cooking meals at home saves both time and money. If you are only cooking for yourself, you can buy enough groceries for yourself and prepare meals days in advance. Cooking is easy if you look up video instructions online. There are video tutorials and recipes for almost any dish you can imagine.

Find Part-Time Work

The best way to earn extra money while you are a student is to find a job. Even earning just $200 a week will help you pay off your tuition faster. If you find a job that is on campus and provided by your school, your employer will usually be flexible and accommodate your schedule as a student. If you can find a job that is related to your major, you can also gain experience that will make it easier for you to get a good job after college.

If you are resourceful, you will find a lot of creative and practical ways to save money while being a college student. Saving money now will help you reach your financial goals faster, and can save you a lot of money if you had to take loans for your tuition. Another great way to earn money while in college is to look for scholarships.