Budget in College

Managing your money and living with your level of income


How to Create a Budget

In addition to building a credit history, an important part of financial success is building a personal budget. Budgeting will allow you to effectively save and manage and minimize unpleasant surprises like bouncing a check or taking your bank account into a negative balance. Once you begin keeping track of your expenses, you will be


How to Live on a Budget

If you are not used to living within a budget, it’s very easy to spend beyond your means. After creating a budget, you may have had to sacrifice certain luxuries such as designer clothing or expensive dining for your financial goals. Living on a budget helps you have an enriched life later on, but for


Effective Ways to Save While in College

It can be tough to save money while you are in college. For some students, working is simply not possible. There is only so much free time you may have between studying, extracurricular commitments, and your social life. But as the old saying goes: “a dollar saved is a dollar earned.” So, if you are


How to Find Scholarships

In addition to utilizing practical ways to save money in college, you should also apply for scholarships. Spending the time and effort to apply for scholarships may reward you with money and also any special benefits that your scholarship offers. There are plenty of scholarships out there and the sooner you apply, the better. Finding

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