Why Limiting US Immigration Would Be a National Defeat


Supporting immigration is a national value that the US didn’t just adopt. We built our foundations on that value. From the beginning, this nation defined itself by not limiting entry to people based on background, religion, or wealth. Whatever the US may have done or may do in the future, we would welcome others to this nation of immigrants. When we stop doing that we forget our history.

That there exists fear that someone of a particular race could be a risk to us is not a valid reason to lose our values. Values are inherently designed to rise above that. We don’t stick to them because they are easy, we stick to them because they challenge us in our darkest moments and make as grow as humans.

We truly believe that no one understands American values quite like immigrants. They worked so hard to get here, only a sincere belief in the values of this country could have sustained them through the long and difficult immigration process. So we weren’t surprised to see none other than Google CEO Sundar Pichai take Donald Trump to task for his reactionary comments about limiting immigration to the US based on recent terror attacks. Like Trump, Mr. Pichai is a powerful and influential billionaire who benefited from the opportunities available to him in the US. Unlike Trump, he started from nothing.

Read Sundar Pichai’s response to Trump and his own personal statement on the immigration controversy. Let’s be true Americans — let’s not shut out the world.

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