These Companies Are as Good as Google…And Hiring

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Hi, did you know there’s 1,456,324,762 tech startups out there right now?

Actually, we made that number up, but still: it can be hard to wrap your head around the options when you’re job hunting. Giants like Google and Facebook stay top of mind and push out that one little niche company you heard about recently…a company who might have a better opportunity for you than the major tech brands.

That’s exactly why our friends at The Muse offered this curated list of tech companies that are hiring right now, companies that offer the perks, mobility, and competitive experience of working at Google, without the struggle to stand out amongst thousands of applicants.

Of course, working for a major brand looks great on a résumé. But so does ownership of multiple projects, advancement in your role, and close contact with your company’s principals. Major companies are simply not equipped to put new hires to work in that way and you may find yourself feeling anonymous.

If you’re looking at job postings over the holiday break, consider these awesome startups for your post-grad internship or your first job.

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