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These 20 Schools Are the Biggest Feeders for Silicon Valley Jobs

International students find all kinds of places to study in the US. And we’re currently finding them everywhere. But even in this age of virtual connection, there’s something to be said for being in the right place at the right time. According to this list of top schools for Silicon Valley new hires, the right place is California and the right time is now.

Look: there’s great STEM, MBA, and humanities programs all across the US. But if you have your sights on the startups or major tech companies of the Bay Area, your options increase massively when you’re in the same physical area. A lot of these schools are top choices for international students as well. UCLA, USC, and University of Illinois made appearances on both lists.

Check out the rest of Business Insider’s list here. Number 1 was a pleasant surprise (and a MAJOR hot spot for international students).