The Next Google Will Come Out of India


Punit Soni, former VP at Motorola and current Chief Product Officer at Flipkart, has great faith in the future of startups in India. So much so, that he believes that the, “next world-class technology company will come out of India.” A bold claim, for sure, but then again, there’s a lot of evidence in his favor.

Consider the story of Neena Budhiraja and her partner, Himanshu Batra. These Google alums returned to India brimming with lessons about what makes workers happier, more successful, and ultimately, truly innovative. Now they’re working on mobile transportation products at Ola and couldn’t be happier, and they insist they didn’t downshift from their roles in Silicon Valley. Ms. Budhiraja, who, “believes that the next phase of growth is going to come from the billion plus Indians, says ‘it felt silly (as an Indian) to sit in Mountain View and not be a part of the change here.'”

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