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The Key to Success…Is Rejection

We all understand that we will fail on our way to success — few of us succeed on our first or second attempts at a new life goal. But rejection is a strange kind of failure. It’s hard to know what you did wrong and thus it can be challenging and sometimes impossible to learn from it.

Whether you’ve been rejected by a school, a job, or the US government itself (either for an H-1B or F-1 visa application), you may not get a detailed response or an idea of what you did wrong. In fact, you may not have done anything wrong.

The key to success is to try and try again. The only people who succeed are those who try again after extreme failure. Take the hugely successful startup, Airbnb. In just seven years, they’ve grown into what is known as a “unicorn startup,” with a $24 billion valuation and nearly $1 billion revenue in 2015 alone. Before they got there, however, they faced rejections — 7 of them, in fact. Their CEO cataloged these at Medium recently to show that yes, even the best get rejected.

What multi-billion dollar idea will YOU be rejected for today? 😉