Tell the White House We Want OPT!

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Welcome back to school. We know some of you are thinking about jobs this semester — you may already have started your first internship. That’s why you need to sign an important White House petition that will save the future for international students studying and working in the US.

A US federal judge recently decided that the movement to extend OPT for STEM majors was invalid and not of sufficient interest to the US public. We know this is not the case and now it’s time to speak up! This petition tells the US White House that international students support the plan to extend OPT. Cutting down the plans to extend OPT has negative consequences for both international students and the US. Here’s why everyone needs to help extend OPT:

The consequences for international students

  • Less incentive to study in the US
  • Reduced practical understanding of academic work
  • Fewer opportunities available

The consequences for the US

  • Fewer qualified employees for technical jobs
  • Reduced international student interest in study abroad programs
  • Loss of international student investment in US economy and schools

We firmly believe this petition is in the best interest of anyone in US academia and anyone who employs international students after graduation. Please sign it, forward it to everyone you know, and urge them to spread it further as well. The petition needs over 20,000 signatures by September 13th or the proposal to extend OPT will die. Speak up and build a better future for you and your peers!