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Good credit habits

The International Student’s Guide to Good Credit Habits with your US Issued Credit Card

It’s exciting to have a credit card that opens the door to new opportunities (hello to renting a car for a weekend getaway) and gives you some financial breathing room. Part of the fun in having your own credit card is knowing that with good use and behavior, you are well on your way to building good credit history.

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The credit card for international students on F, J, M visas

Recent Articles Highlight the Benefits of the SelfScore Mastercard for International Students

TechInAsia and NerdWallet highlight 3 ways the SelfScore credit card makes life easier for the international student community.

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Vector isolated money icons set

Finally: A Chart That Tells You When to Use Cash, Credit, or Debit

The cure to your payment paralysis in one chart…well, two charts.

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Writing ideas

Be Smart: Use Your Hands

What’s she writing? We’re not sure but it’s definitely making her smarter.

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Delivery signature and two hand in flat design

Here’s How a Credit Report Works

Everything you need to know about credit reports, but were afraid to ask.

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Meet Wendy Yeh, One of Our #StudentsInMotion

Wendy shares the importance of family and culture, the financial challenges of life in the US, and — most importantly — her American dream.

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Make Yourself Hireable in 3 Steps

Keep yourself in job-seeking mode and increase your value in front of Googling employers.

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Petronas Towers

8 Things You Should Always Buy with Credit

Here’s the thing about the question, “Credit or debit?” — most of us don’t know the answer. Generally speaking if people have cash, they pay with debit. And if they don’t, they use credit and pay it off…

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