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International Students are Finding Jobs in Record Numbers

New data from the University of Pennsylvania tells a compelling story of international students finding full-time work in the US at nearly the same rate as their American colleagues.

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SelfScore User Profile: Ramesh Kamath

Ramesh teaches us the trick to being brilliant while staying humble. Of course, he makes it sound easy…

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These 20 Schools Are the Biggest Feeders for Silicon Valley Jobs

These are the top schools for SV jobs, many of which are in California.

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27 Struggles Every International Student Faces

Buzzfeed collects the (mostly hilarious) struggles of international students into 27 GIFs.

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Why Foreign Students Don’t Need to Prove They’ll Go Home to Earn a Visa

Here’s why removing this unnecessary question will benefit the US.

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Who Wants to Be an (Indian CEO) Millionaire?

India exports some of the biggest movers and shakers to the US right now.

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Meet 9 Indians Who Are Bringing Silicon Valley Smarts to India

The more we learn, the more exciting this sounds. It seems more and more Indian entrepreneurs (many of whom are former international students) are importing Silicon Valley’s business acumen and problem solving strategies back into India. Some are…

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The Truth About Student Loan Refinancing

Myths about student loan refinancing could be costing you money.

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Indian Students in the US Contribute $3.3 Billion to US Economy

78% of these students are STEM majors in American universities.

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10 Ways The US Shocks International Students

To truly understand US culture, don’t ask an American, ask a visitor.

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