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Good credit habits

The International Student’s Guide to Good Credit Habits with your US Issued Credit Card

It’s exciting to have a credit card that opens the door to new opportunities (hello to renting a car for a weekend getaway) and gives you some financial breathing room. Part of the fun in having your own credit card is knowing that with good use and behavior, you are well on your way to building good credit history.

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beautiful Japanese woman

You Need Social Intelligence to Survive

International students are changing American campuses. Now an entire industry is teaching them social intelligence to improve their chances of success in the U.S.

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DHS Expands OPT for International Students on F-1 Visa

Friends, we just got some big news that’s too important to wait… The Department of Homeland Security officially enhanced and expanded the OPT work program for international students! Here’s what’s changed: F-1 STEM OPT Extention — Students on…

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Writing ideas

Be Smart: Use Your Hands

What’s she writing? We’re not sure but it’s definitely making her smarter.

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Follow Your Heart or Follow the Money?

International students are entering US schools in record numbers…and many of them are saying goodbye to conservative career paths.

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Meet Wendy Yeh, One of Our #StudentsInMotion

Wendy shares the importance of family and culture, the financial challenges of life in the US, and — most importantly — her American dream.

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International Students are Finding Jobs in Record Numbers

New data from the University of Pennsylvania tells a compelling story of international students finding full-time work in the US at nearly the same rate as their American colleagues.

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These 20 Schools Are the Biggest Feeders for Silicon Valley Jobs

These are the top schools for SV jobs, many of which are in California.

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Sleeping on laptop

27 Struggles Every International Student Faces

Buzzfeed collects the (mostly hilarious) struggles of international students into 27 GIFs.

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Why Foreign Students Don’t Need to Prove They’ll Go Home to Earn a Visa

Here’s why removing this unnecessary question will benefit the US.

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