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Asian woman playing with her laptop at home.

I Wish I Knew, Part 1: How to Find Your First Campus Job for F1/J1 Students

The first in a series of posts on things we wish we knew when we came to the US: how to find your first on-campus job.

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“I didn’t realize there was another way…”

Venkat Bala left a secure career in traditional banking to offer financial access to international students. Read more about why he’s making this big jump right now with SelfScore.

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Sundar Pichai photo 2

The High and Low Profile of the World’s Most Powerful International Student

He’s reached more users than Zuckerberg or Cook…though you wouldn’t recognize him on the street.

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Meet the Most Influential International Student in Silicon Valley

Hint: It’s not Elon Musk or Sergey Brin. Watch this video and see for yourself. The last minute will leave you in tears.

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How Credit Limits Work

Understanding credit limits (also known as spending limits) is crucial to your financial future. The first and most important thing to know is that every credit card you carry has a spending limit that is fixed month to…

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2 Secrets Only the Credit Pros Know

Psst. Listen, closely: we’re sharing two new tricks that every finance expert knows for keeping your credit score high while consolidating and seeking credit.

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