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These Companies Are as Good as Google…And Hiring

Hi, did you know there's 1,456,324,762 tech startups out there right now Actually, we made that number up, but still: it can be hard to wrap your head around the options when you're job hunting Giants like Google and Facebook stay top of mind and

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Share Your Story, Win $100

As you can see, our friend Vikash made his childhood dream come true: he now writes code in the California sun every day His story is one of many we’ve heard since SelfScore began Now we want to hear your story — short, long, sad, or

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Some Diwali Fun for You

Shubh Deepawali! We'll make this quick Here's your guide to all things Diwali in the US this year: Locations of Diwali Celebrations Across the USA The 13 Types of People You Need to Avoid on Diwali Anushka Sharma's PSA for Pets During

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