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13 Mobile Apps Every Student Needs

International students studying in the US already depend on their smartphones for entertainment, shopping, and communicating with family back home But in an ocean filled with tens of millions of apps for both Android and iPhone, it can be easy to

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SelfScore User Profile: Shrirang Adgaonkar

  "One of the things that appealed to me about the SelfScore card was the support I felt from Kalpesh—he was there to help me out when anything went wrong I had another card at the time but whenever I reached for one or the other, that

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SelfScore User Profile: Adeel Hasan

"Over time you make that journey through the three, four, five stages of culture adaptation Initially you’re excitedthen stage two, you take a dip and you're homesick and you hate itand then you kind of begin to struggle to make sense of things

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