Meet the Winner of SelfScore’s “Take Me Home” Giveaway

Nien-Tai Ho, "Take Me Home" Giveaway Winner | SelfScore credit card for international students on F1, J1, M1 visas

SelfScore’s mission is to support international students in the U.S. on F1, J1, and M1 visas through our credit card and educational resources. Sometimes that support also comes in the form of giveaways and prizes that reward lucky international students who are tuned in to our online community. Last month, SelfScore launched its “Take Me Home” Giveaway, awarding one lucky international student $1,000 towards a flight home for the summer. We picked our winner at random from among over 1,000 new subscribers to the Score, our monthly newsletter and student resource. Today, we’re proud to announce Nien-Tai Ho, a computer science student at the University of Houston, as our winner. With $1,000 to offset the cost of travel between Taiwan and Texas, we were curious what he planned to do with the money he’d be saving this summer. We weren’t at all surprised to learn that his priority is building his career.

“I’ll be able to do more volunteer work building websites at the campus IT office because of this prize money.” As you likely know, it can be challenging to be approved for paid work as an international student. “I’m just trying to learn as much I can right now so I can look for a job after I graduate.” The more hours of practical experience in web design Nien-Tai acquires, the better his chances of standing out as a candidate when he seeks his first internship in the U.S. We’re honored that this giveaway may contribute to his success.

SelfScore is more than just an international student credit card; it’s a community. Students like Nien-Tai are the reason we’re building that community: to inspire, connect, and support international students who contribute meaningfully while earning their degrees in the U.S. Congratulations, Nien-Tai — we can’t wait to see what you do next.

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