Meet the Next Einstein And Learn Her Secret

Sabrina Pasterski cover photo

22-year-old Sabrina Pasterski is being hailed as the next Albert Einstein for her impressive work in theoretical physics on complex subjects including *ahem*, “semiclassical Virasoro symmetry of the quantum gravity S-matrix.” The Cuban-American also has practical chops, having built a single engine plane at the age of…14. She’s already graduated MIT and is a current Ph.D. candidate at Harvard. When she gets tired of exploring the inner workings of the universe, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has promised her a job with his aerospace division, Blue Origin. That’s all terribly impressive, of course, but what really caught our eye about Pasterski was this:

“She’s not on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram and doesn’t own a smartphone.”

What?! Look, we’re not trying to say you’ll crack the code of the universe if you ditch your iPhone. But we do know that most of our time spent on social media and exploring apps could be better used elsewhere. Take phone (and screen) breaks throughout the day. Log out of your accounts when a deadline approaches and take advantage of apps like Self Control to block sites that can distract you. You don’t have to accomplish what Ms. Pasterski did to find some value in that spare time.

Read more about Pasterski and her unique genius at OZY.

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