Meet 9 Indians Who Are Bringing Silicon Valley Smarts to India

Indian Man building

The more we learn, the more exciting this sounds.

It seems more and more Indian entrepreneurs (many of whom are former international students) are importing Silicon Valley’s business acumen and problem solving strategies back into India. Some are blocked from work visas, some are simply homesick. But these 9 business leaders are finding the opportunities back home VERY fruitful. To quote Sonia Parandekar, 37 year-old director of engineering for Urban Ladder (and alum of Microsoft and Groupon), “There are so many opportunities [in India] for people to realize their true potential.” Ashish Goel, 32 year-old head of design at Zomato believes, “The consumer market in India is now coming of age.”

We can’t wait to see how this trend unfolds. Read the full story here.