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International Students are Finding Jobs in Record Numbers

International students are finding full-time work after they graduate in record numbers. We’re actually shocked at how high these numbers are.

According to Joe Li at the Daily Pennsylvanian, 69.1% of international student graduates shared that they were working full-time after graduation. Of that 69%, an impressive 76.9% reported that those full-time jobs were in the United States. Compare that to 72.7% of ALL Penn graduates securing full-time jobs, and those already high numbers are that much more impressive.

This also means more international students are connecting with the H-1B visas they work so hard to earn after graduation. We’ve heard a lot of stories about the challenges international students face seeking sponsorship for employment in the US. Yuan Yuan, one of the Penn graduates now employed in the US faced those same challenges when a potential employer refused to sponsor her. “When the HR person asked me if I was an international student and I said yes, the recruiter immediately said I wasn’t eligible for the position any more because the company doesn’t sponsor the H1B visa application.” Now Yuan works at the prestigious accounting firm Ernest & Young in Philadelphia, a much larger firm that was thankfully more enthusiastic about sponsoring her.

Read the rest of the story at the Daily Pennsylvanian.

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