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Indian Artists Are Thriving Online

Indian artists like Lilly Singh and Maria Qamar are using modern platforms to reach Indian audiences around the world. They did not wait for gallery curators or booking agents to call them. They created their work on a small budget and shared it through Instagram and YouTube. And it’s paying off.

“This video is your cousin. Get ready to relate…”

So begins Lilly Singh’s video, “Every Argument With My Parents EVER!” in which she acts out all roles — including her mother and father — herself. What she doesn’t have in big budget effects, she makes up for in sincerity, energy, and a deep understanding of how the old and new worlds clash for today’s young Indians. Oh, and she is really, really funny.

Check out Lilly’s YouTube channel and Tumblr for more goodness.

Visual artist Maria Qamar came to our intention via the terrific newsletter, Lenny Letter. After exiting a career in marketing, she began exploring her Indian heritage critically through her art. Now that her work is for sale and her audience quite substantial, it’s harder for her parents to disapprove of her career in the arts. Though now she has new problems to deal with.

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Check out more on her Instagram feed.

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