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“Hey, how are you?” – A Blog Post About Self-Care

It’s a question we’re asking each other and ourselves quite a bit lately. The answer can vary day-to-day or even hour-to-hour. The whole Deserve crew has been sharing ways we’re keeping ourselves positive, busy and honest with each other. We thought we’d share some of those self-care ideas with you too.

Avoiding WFH burnout

Working from home has its advantages, but it can also make it harder to keep those two worlds separate. It’s easy to get burnt out on work because it feels like you’re always at the office (Yes, we know that feeling). Try to keep as much of your office work structure as possible. That includes dressing for work, having a definable area in your home that is “your office,” and keeping regular business hours. Also, don’t forget to enjoy a virtual happy hour with your co-workers or classmates once in a while.

Beyond the Zoom

Could you imagine going through this before the internet? Talk about the Dark Ages. Fortunately, modern tech allows us lots of ways to stay connected beyond ones that start with the “Z” word. Here’s a few of our favorites:

Group movie nights: Apps like Netflix Party let you and your friends watch the same movie or show in sync and comment with each other in real time.

Online board games: Check out sites like Board Game Arena or Tabletopia where you can gather with family and friends (or complete strangers) to play hundreds of board games.

Explore the world: Who doesn’t miss traveling right now? Fortunately, many of the world’s most stunning parks, museums and landmarks have virtual tours you can enjoy online. Get a group together for a video chat and have one person share their screen so you can all enjoy your “trip” together. Let a different person pick the destination each week.

Let’s not forget about low-tech ways to keep in touch either! Writing letters or sending postcards with your own artwork are fun to do and a delightful surprise to those you send them to.

Learn That Thing You’ve Always Wanted To

We’ve all got something we’ve always wanted to try. Maybe it’s learning to knit or play an instrument or how to juggle or spin a lasso. You could learn another language or master that recipe or film your own cheesy sci-fi movie. It can be useful or just plain silly. Have fun with it. Don’t let all those YouTube ‘How-to’ videos go to waste.

Just Ask

Even the biggest introverts among us still crave human interactions regularly. Reach out to friends, family, classmates and co-workers if you just want to talk or share something interesting or fun. You might be surprised how glad they are to hear from you! Ask them for book or podcast suggestions. See if they’d like to take a safely-distanced walk. We just might learn something new about each other and make new connections that will outlast any pandemic.

Come join us on Facebook and share your suggestions on how you’re taking care of yourself and others. See you there!