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Here’s How Mark Zuckerberg Plans to Fix US Immigration

Kaushik is a student at Columbia University and a Peter Thiel fellow. He created Healthify, healthcare software that streamlines the discharge process for hospitals and patients. Unfortunately, these accomplishments barely distinguish him as a candidate for US citizenship.

That’s why he’s turned to, a new storytelling platform co-founded by Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and other key figures of tech. allows US-based international students to share their story and empower their peers to reach out directly to Congress on their behalf. Visit to read Kaushik’s inspiring story then share it with your representative:



It’s tempting to believe they will work it out. We think, “This person is too smart and talented to be refused citizenship.” These people haven’t heard the horror stories and haven’t experienced first-hand how the immigration process can stall or completely stop top-notch foreign workers in the US.

In the US, they actually means, you. No progress can ever be made without the enthusiasm and will of the American people. Use this new platform to speak up for your peers!

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