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Deserve’s Town Hall on Immigration: We’re stronger together

Students representing more than 90 countries, with ties to more than 300 universities, contributed to last month’s virtual Town Hall on Immigration. Wow!

It’s probably not surprising considering how volatile and important this topic is to many of our cardholders. Actually, it’s important to everyone in America. As Dr. L. Raefel Reif, President of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, explained in a recent article in The New York Times: “As a nation, when we turn our backs on talented foreign students, we not only lose all that they bring to our classrooms and laboratories, we also give up a strategic asset. . . . we lose the kind of personal drive that built this country: the life force of brilliant young people with the courage and ambition to leave everything familiar in search of a better future.”

Deserve’s Town Hall on Immigration was hosted by our Co-Founder and CEO, Kalpesh Kapadia and noted immigration attorney, Larry Drumm. They discussed issues raised by more than 1,200 Deserve cardholders including questions ranging from possible CPT and OPT changes to new H-1B policies to the impact university shutdowns and remote learning have on student visas.

As an immigrant himself, Kalpesh has personal experience with many of these issues. In fact, they were the driving force behind his desire to create Deserve. “I came here to study in 1995 fresh from India and I had trouble getting access to loans and credit in the U.S.” he recently shared. “I thought the system was broken, designed in a way that was leaving out a lot of good and, yes, deserving, people. I wanted to change that, so that’s why I started the company.”

We look forward —to gathering cardholders together again soon to discuss important issues that face them. We’ll also keep working to provide you with services that help you build the career and life you’ve been working so hard for.

If you’d like to learn more about some of the top issues discussed in the Town Hall, please consult these resources for the latest updates: