Checking In with Nien Tai Ho, Winner of the “Take Me Home” Giveaway

Nien-Tai Ho, "Take Me Home" Giveaway Winner | SelfScore credit card for international students on F1, J1, M1 visas

Last spring, SelfScore launched its “Take Me Home” Giveaway, awarding one lucky international student $1,000 towards a flight home for the summer. We caught up with the winner, Nien Tai (Tommy) Ho, who is currently studying computer science at the University of Houston.

Q: So, you got $1,000 toward a trip home! Congrats again – that must have been exciting to win. Tell us where you went and what you did!
I booked a flight to go home to Taipei, Taiwan, which is 8,000 miles away from Houston! I went back to spend time with my family, and the highlight of the trip was a cruise. I was also able to participate in the military training that’s required for citizens of Taiwan.

Q: How has the SelfScore credit card helped you as an international student?
It’s just so great that the SelfScore credit card requires no SSN. I use my credit card to build my credit score here in the U.S. And winning the money will hopefully allow me to do volunteer work, building websites at the campus IT office. I know lots of practical experience in web design will increase my chances of getting an internship here in the U.S. when the time is right.

Q: Is there anything you’ve done with your SelfScore credit card that you wouldn’t have been able to do without it?
Taking small weekend trips in Texas. This past semester, I went to Austin for three days for South by Southwest. My friends and I got to check out lots of great restaurants, and we saw tons of new bands in the music portion of the SXSW event. We also got to be among the first to see some amazing new technology at the interactive event. I can’t wait to go back next year!

Q: What are your favorite things to do in the U.S.?
Seeking out good food and good restaurants. I love Chinatown in Houston. There are lots of great Japanese and Vietnamese noodle places. There is also, of course, great American food that I enjoy with friends pretty frequently. Oh, and there’s a great place in Chinatown to get Taiwanese Milk Tea, also known as Bubble Tea.

Q: What’s the one meal you purchase most often on your SelfScore credit card?
Japanese noodles.

Q: Have there been any emergency situations where your SelfScore credit card came in handy?
Nope! Not so far…knock on wood!

Q: How often would you say you use your card?

Q: When will you have the opportunity to go home next?
Probably not till May of next year. It’s so hard to be far from friends and family!

We get it. Nien-Tai is having a great time enjoying all that the U.S. has to offer, but it’s still hard at times to be living so far from home. That’s one of the reasons we are so invested in our cardholders. We want you to feel as secure and supported as possible.

We are dedicated to making SelfScore far more than just an international student credit card – we’ve really built a community of security and support. Students like Nien-Tai are the reason we’re building that community: to inspire, connect and fortify international students who contribute meaningfully while earning their degrees in the U.S.

Congratulations, again, Nien-Tai! We’re pulling for you in all that you do!