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How to Apply for a Job in the U.S.

Today we’re sharing the best résumé we’ve ever found and tips on how to make your own better. We spoke with Sandra, a tech recruiter at Twitter, for some insight on what she looks for in a qualified applicant. She shares the following 8 ways you can improve your résumé immediately: 1) Proofread everything. Twice. […]

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Track Your H-1B Visa Application

Many international students seek an H-1B visa to work in the United States after graduating from an American university. While their American colleagues focus on job seeking, the added steps involved in getting an H-1B visa make the job hunt that much more challenging. Just as there isn’t an obvious path towards a credit card […]

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5 Tips For Finding An On-Campus Job

Once international students begin studying in the United States, they usually notice two things: 1) they have more spare time than they expected, and 2) they have less money than they hoped. An on-campus job is an excellent way to address both of these issues. International students often seek campus jobs to supplement credit cards […]

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What’s the Difference Between CPT and OPT?

If you’re an international student looking for opportunities, you’ve heard the terms CPT and OPT used quite a bit. Both are different types of work authorizations for international students. And although the type of work you’re doing could be exactly the same, there’s a key difference in your work status that will influence your employment […]

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The International Student’s Guide to Internships

For US college students an internship is a road towards a career. For international students, an internship can open the door to a new life. Not only do you learn (and get paid) while exploring new career possibilities, you will gain first-hand experience of American culture and its work ethics. Whether you’re considering an internship […]

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5 Things You Should Know About OPT

OPT, or optional practical training, is an employment opportunity for international students. It offers additional training in your chosen field of study through paid work that can be either part-time or full-time. OPT is available to F-1 status international students who have completed one full academic year. This is similar to curricular practical training, or […]

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