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3 Ways to Stay Connected to Home

Staying connected with your family when they’re just 100 miles away can be a challenge. So what do you do when you’re separated by an ocean and an expensive plane ride? Once the hard work of getting into a U.S. university has passed, international students still must do their best work without the benefit of […]

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How to Get an SSN

At some point while you study in the United States, you may have to consider applying for a social security number, otherwise known as an SSN. Not all international students need an SSN. You can open a bank account, get a driver’s license, sign up for health insurance, and even apply for certain international student […]

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10 Secrets To a Successful US Student Visa Interview

You’ve done everything right: you’ve gotten an acceptance letter from a U.S. school, you’ve been working and saving for your trip, and your conversational English is fantastic. But then everything can change based on the results of this one interview, an interview that may take less than 10 minutes. Your student visa interview can be […]

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5 Tips For Finding Off-Campus Housing

International students studying in the United States have plenty to think about when planning their arrival. In addition to preparing visa paperwork and handling onboarding with their new school, the prospect of finding housing in a new place is a burden most would rather not carry. That’s why campus housing, no matter what the cost, […]

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How to Get a State ID or Driver’s License

You’re an international student. You’ve just arrived in the US ready to begin a challenging and competitive degree program. It’s time to just sit back in the student lounge, hook up to the powerful campus wifi, and focus on your studies, right? Well, almost. About two weeks after you arrive, arrange to get yourself a […]

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