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Top 5 Financial Mistakes College Students Make

As students are learning the responsibility of living on their own in college, they’re also learning financial independence. Creating healthy habits early will go a long way to ensure they graduate on strong financial footing. Here are the top 5 financial mistakes that college students make. This article is provided by Deserve, a credit card […]

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Why You Need a Credit History

5 Opportunities to Take Advantage of a Credit History International students on F1 visas know that a credit card is a way to manage daily expenses and build a credit history in the U.S. But they don’t always know what a credit history is or why it’s useful — in fact, many of their American […]

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How to Apply for a Job in the U.S.

Today we’re sharing the best résumé we’ve ever found and tips on how to make your own better. We spoke with Sandra, a tech recruiter at Twitter, for some insight on what she looks for in a qualified applicant. She shares the following 8 ways you can improve your résumé immediately: 1) Proofread everything. Twice. […]

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Track Your H-1B Visa Application

Many international students seek an H-1B visa to work in the United States after graduating from an American university. While their American colleagues focus on job seeking, the added steps involved in getting an H-1B visa make the job hunt that much more challenging. Just as there isn’t an obvious path towards a credit card […]

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The Modern Student’s Guide to Online Safety

A safe online presence is as important as home security. For international students, online safety is an even greater concern than for their American counterparts. The risks of travel, connecting to foreign servers, and using multiple financial sources demands the utmost security. As you spread your virtual life across the globe, the potential for fraud […]

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3 Ways to Stay Connected to Home

Staying connected with your family when they’re just 100 miles away can be a challenge. So what do you do when you’re separated by an ocean and an expensive plane ride? Once the hard work of getting into a U.S. university has passed, international students still must do their best work without the benefit of […]

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How to Get an F-1 Visa

The process of getting a student visa takes work and time but it’s not as challenging as it may seem—75% of applicants each year receive the F-1 visa for full-time students. The most important thing you’ll need is time as the approval process can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks. But with a bit of planning, […]

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