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After the Wells Fargo scandal, millennials deserve a ‘Netflix model’ for banking

The days of traditional banking, and the hegemony of big brand-name banks, are coming to a close as consumers demand more transparent, responsive and honest treatment.

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SelfScore helps international students gain financial independence through access to credit

Students from 66 countries and more than 400 US universities now have a SelfScore Mastercard

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San Francisco Chronicle

Startups concerned about Trump’s plans for H-1B visas

For several months, Subhi Beidas’ career was in limbo. Whether the engineer from Jerusalem could continue working at a San Francisco startup hinged on him landing an elusive H-1B visa, with a 1 in 4 chance of success…

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Term Sheet — Thursday, August 25

SelfScore, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based startup that uses “data analytics and machine learning to measure credit potential,” has raised $7 million in new Series A funding. Pelion Venture Partners led the round, and was joined by return backers…

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SelfScore raises $7.1 million to help international students get credit in the U.S.

SelfScore is developing a strong market niche around providing access to financial products (credit cards, student loans, etc) to a deserving but underserved population of international students (1M+ strong and growing with $31 billion in untapped annual spending).…

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Alternative Lenders Offer Credit Cards for Newcomers to US

When you move to the United States, there are many things you can’t bring with you — your favorite restaurant, your family dog (probably) or the exact smell of the trees after it rains. Unfortunately, you also can’t…

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American Banker

College Students Are Low on Credit — Tech Startups Want to Change That

Students used to leave college with two artifacts of their first experiments with credit — free T-shirts and, for better or worse, a credit file. Today they are leaving without either.

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Foreign Students Add $31 Billion To Us Economy — Now They Can Get A Student Mastercard

New York Times NYT +0.44% columnist Thomas Friedman has frequently advocated stapling a Green Card to every advanced degree awarded to a foreign student. Kalpesh Kapadia, CEO of SelfScore, has a more modest proposal — provide international students…

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