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Startup Raises $12 Million To Help Students And Immigrants Get A Credit Card

Credit cards may be popular, but for millions of people living in the United States they are unattainable. One Menlo Park-based startup is working on changing that. Deserve, formerly known as SelfScore, has recently unveiled a new card…

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SelfScore Rebrands as Deserve, Offers New Cards to Underserved

If you lack a credit history, getting a credit card or loan can be next to impossible. But one credit card issuer is aiming to change that. The issuer formerly known as SelfScore has rebranded under the name Deserve and launched new…

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Deserve raises $12 million for a credit card targeting college students

Most young adults don’t have credit cards these days.  Many of them are concerned about accruing debt. Others are finding it difficult to build credit. A handful of startups are now focused on building alternatives. One of these…

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Payment Source

Basing credit decisions on the future, not the past

Being an immigrant, Kalpesh Kapadia understood what it was like to come into the U.S. with no access to credit and no financial history in this country.

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American Banker

Credit card aimed at thin-file consumers rebrands, raises $12M

A Silicon Valley startup offering credit cards to young adults with scant borrowing records has raised $12 million in equity funding.

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Value Penguin

Deserve® Edu Mastercard for Students: A Great Option for Students

The Deserve Edu credit card is an excellent option for student who lacks a social security number (SSN). The card can help this group of people get a first credit card, and foot in the door of credit…

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Deserve Looks Beyond Credit Scores to Approve Students and Young Professionals with Limited Credit Profiles

Access to credit can be difficult for the more than 1 million international students enrolled in American colleges each year. Despite many students entering the states with no definable credit statistics, the demand for accessible revolving limits grows…

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Deserve Cards Use Nontraditional Credit Scoring

If you’re a student or young professional without much credit history, you may have an easier time now qualifying for a no annual fee rewards card with affordable terms. Deserve credit cards, like the Petal credit card, all…

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SelfScore Rebrands as Deserve, Closes on $12 Million in Funding

Consumer analytics company SelfScore rebranded to Deserve today. The California-based company is still committed to providing underbanked Americans with access to credit, and to fuel that mission, Deserve has received $12 million in funding. Today’s round was led by Accel– with participation from…

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PE Hub Network

Generation Z-targeted credit card Deserve attracts $12 mln

Deserve, a credit card designed for Generation Z, has raised $12 million in funding. Accel led the round with participation from Aspect Ventures, Pelion Ventures, Mission Holdings, Alumni Venture Group and GDP Venture.

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