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How Asian Americans Are Fighting Discrimination in Academia

The math doesn’t add up for the best and brightest. And they’re taking matters into their own hands.

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Happy indian young girl student

Read This Eye Opening International Student Infographic

International students are a small but influential segment of the American university population…

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Mike Krieger Instagram

Millionaire Founder Fought Major Visa Woes

“Instagram almost didn’t happen, and the U.S.’s convoluted immigration system would have been to blame.” That was nearly the end of the fascinating story of Mike Krieger, the co-founder of Instagram, according to a recent piece by Bloomberg…

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The SelfScore Student Coupon Book

We searched the Internet far and wide for the best deals for students — not just 10% off here or $20 off there — but major value that can save students hundreds of dollars per month. Apple saves…

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Woman with minority report screens

These NYU Videos Capture the International Student Experience Perfectly

NYU produced these amazing videos that clearly represent the feelings of change that all international students experience. That feeling is also strong for Americans new to New York City. NYC is the fast-paced capital of the world and…

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Two International Students Find Their Superpowers

Sometimes you need to leave home to find what makes you special.

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Asian man standing with umbrella

The Amazing Realities of Chinese College Life

Yes, 39. And that’s just the beginning…

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International Students are Finding Jobs in Record Numbers

New data from the University of Pennsylvania tells a compelling story of international students finding full-time work in the US at nearly the same rate as their American colleagues.

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Ramesh image 1

SelfScore User Profile: Ramesh Kamath

Ramesh teaches us the trick to being brilliant while staying humble. Of course, he makes it sound easy…

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How One Indian Student Conquered the GMAT in Just 8 Days

We’re VERY impressed with Lakshman Mody’s carefully detailed plan to study (or rather, cram) for a 700 on the GMAT in just 8 days. And trust us when we say this is NOT click-bait. Lakshman is one of…

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