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iPhone User with Coffee

6 Free Apps You’ll Need in College

Your smartphone doesn’t always have to be a distraction away from school. When used properly and at the right time, your phone can help you a lot inside and outside of the classroom. Instead of carrying stacks of…

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5 Tips to Ace Your Classes This Semester

Welcome back to a new school year. As every new academic year brings a new set of challenges for new or returning students, here are some tips to ace your classes this semester. Tip #1 Classroom discussion is…

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I can do it

Find Your Scholarship

Use search engines smartly to find the money that’s waiting just for you.

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Use Your Virtual Wallet

Store PDFs of personal documents like your passport and I-20 form in safe cloud-based apps on your phone for constant easy access.

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beautiful Japanese woman

You Need Social Intelligence to Survive

International students are changing American campuses. Now an entire industry is teaching them social intelligence to improve their chances of success in the U.S.

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Check Out the Insane Rental Market in the U.S.

Choose from closets in cool cities or palaces in beautiful boring Midwest states.

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Writing ideas

Be Smart: Use Your Hands

What’s she writing? We’re not sure but it’s definitely making her smarter.

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Follow Your Heart or Follow the Money?

International students are entering US schools in record numbers…and many of them are saying goodbye to conservative career paths.

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Meet Wendy Yeh, One of Our #StudentsInMotion

Wendy shares the importance of family and culture, the financial challenges of life in the US, and — most importantly — her American dream.

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Student ACCESS

Listen to Max: Give Students ACCESS Now

Student ACCESS benefits Americans and international students. Listen to the man who stands as proof of its success.

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