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Best Apps for College Students

Remember when your elementary school teacher said you wouldn’t always have a calculator in your pocket? Hindsight is 20/20. These days, you have all the information in the world at your fingertips. With the right combination of apps, you can learn a language, order a pizza, and turn in an assignment all without climbing down from your top bunk.

We’ve compiled the best apps for college students to set you up for a successful (and awesome) year.

Best Educational Apps:

Quizlet: This app will almost certainly get you closer to that 4.0 GPA. Rated one of the top apps in the education space, Quizlet makes studying both easy and fun. Learn key terms by making your own flashcards or use decks created by other students from around the globe. Play games to test your knowledge and brush up on tricky concepts before that big test!

Duolingo: The world’s most-downloaded language app is a hoot. Study with their signature green owl, Duo, to learn up to 35 languages. Duolingo helps you prepare for real conversations with speaking and listening exercises, as well as games to test your knowledge. Practice multiple days in a row to collect gems and unlock new features.

Google Drive: Need to add in a few more words to your essay on the way to class? No sweat. Access all of your documents in one place with the Google Drive app, the one-stop-shop for all of your google files. Your docs, sheets, and slides are all backed up to the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about finding that presentation when you really need it. Share documents with classmates to collaborate in real time.

Best Health Apps:

Headspace: This app is a pocket-sized breath of fresh air. Use Headspace for meditation and mindfulness exercises of all types — short sessions for busy people, talks to help prep you for presentations, and even physical exercises to get you moving between study sessions. Stress less, sleep better, and breathe deeper. Check out their student plan for a nice discount.

Sleep Cycle: No more feeling groggy before those 8 AM classes: the Sleep Cycle app wakes you up when you’ll feel most rested. You don’t need any fancy wearable technology, either; Sleep Cycle analyzes your sleep patterns directly from your phone and gently wakes you up during your lightest sleep phase. Start your morning feeling amazing. You might even be able to skip that Starbucks run!

Nike Training Club: Relieve stress and keep your body healthy with a good fitness app. The Nike Training Club app is one of the best free workout apps out there. From yoga to high intensity training to bodyweight workouts, NTC offers digital classes taught by pros for all levels of fitness. They even have a “Big Workouts for Small Spaces” collection that is perfect for dorm rooms! With personalized workout recommendations and even nutrition tips, sticking to healthy habits will be a piece of cake.

Best Group Apps:

Slack: That’s right — the tech community’s favorite communication app is also great for college students. Slack is a fantastic message board for group projects and collaboration. Use it for sharing resources in your study group or to stay up-to-date with events from your ultimate frisbee team. It’s also a great way to network with hobbyist and professional groups around the globe!

Houseparty: Houseparty is Zoom’s fun younger cousin. Use this free app to video chat with friends and family while also playing games and adding creative backgrounds. Unlike Zoom, there’s no time limit, and just like a real party, you can join or leave different rooms to talk to people. With virtual versions of games like Uno, you can still have fun with your family while you’re away at school.

Splitwise: Splitwise makes it easy to split the bill from that spring break trip with your soccer team. With built-in payment options like Venmo and Paypal, you never have to worry about how to divide the check, even if you are paying different percentages or at different times. Splitwise is great for managing group payments so going out to eat with the whole crew is never a hassle.

Other Great Apps:

Tasty: Brought to you by the creators of Buzzfeed, Tasty is a one-stop-shop for fun and creative recipes. Never fear if you aren’t a wizard in the kitchen — Tasty walks you step-by-step through making each dish. Get personalized recommendations based on your food preferences or fill in the ingredients you already have at home to find recipes that work with what’s in your fridge.

Be My Eyes: If you’re lucky enough to have good vision, this app is a fantastic way to give back. Be My Eyes connects volunteers to visually impaired and blind people to help them out with everyday tasks. Sign up to receive video calls and help people with tasks like reading small print, matching clothes, or troubleshooting technology. Join a community of over 4 million volunteers making the world a better place.

TED: Get inspired by some of the top creative thinkers around the globe. The TED app has a library of thousands to TED talks that you can browse and download for offline viewing. Get personal recommendations and expand your horizons with some of the most innovative content on the internet.

With the perfect toolbox of apps, college can be a breeze. Most universities have their own app with campus maps, library resources, and notification centers, so don’t forget to add that to the stack! By carefully curating the apps on your phone, you’re well on your way to an excellent and successful college experience.