Be Smart: Use Your Hands

Writing ideas

We love technology. When people tell us, “Look up from your phone,” we glare at them and look harder. When someone says, “Close your laptop,” or “Take a screen break,” well, that’s just plain rude. Everything we need — from music to books to our friends — is available on these screens! Why should we ever close them?!

Well, turns out those people are right…sometimes.

As Business Insider explains, closing your laptop and handwriting notes in the classroom helps you learn and engage with new concepts better than typing. Laptop note-taking, especially for fast typists, just doesn’t communicate the importance of that information to your brain in quite the same way. And, as it turns out, there’s actually a neurological basis for how all this works:

“The benefits of handwriting — though it’s a disappearing skill — have been documented by lots of educational psychologists, who have found that handwriting engages parts of the brain that typing neglects, especially areas associated with memory formation. For these reasons, the arguments go, kids come up with more ideas when they’re writing in cursive versus typing.”

Read the rest of the Business Insider piece, as well as the study it cites, here.

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