8 Fantastic Halloween Costumes on a Budget



A mummy costume is an easy win, especially if you’re assembling your Halloween costume at the very last minute. Simply take rolls of plain toilet paper or rolls of medical gauze (you can also combine the two to great effect) and cover as much of your body as possible. Smear coffee grounds over yourself to get that aged look. Then add some black makeup around your eyes and red lipstick around your mouth to enhance the effect. Easy, cheap, and genuinely scary!


This one requires a small purchase — plastic vampire fangs. Use beet juice or red food dye for blood. Then smear your face with flour to get that undead no-sunlight look. You can thread an old red or black curtain with rope and use it as a cape, though this is optional.


Another easy, yet effective costume. Tear your clothes to shreds, rub them in the dirt (or coffee grounds as mentioned above), mess up your hair, and cover yourself in blue and black makeup colors to give your skin that nice bruised look. Don’t forget to work on your zombie walk, too.


Who can forget Clippy? Your personal assistant in Microsoft Office from 1997-2008, Clippy was always eager to help but like an untrained puppy, he probably reduced your productivity. Now we can laugh at this old software robot by making him real: bend a long wire or curtain rod into a paper clip and tape or velcro it to your shirt (preferably a white one with some text you’ve written in black marker). Finally, you will need a speech bubble — get creative with it!


Perhaps you’ve watched the recent Hollywood adventure Mad Max: Fury Road? If not, we highly recommend you do if only to witness Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa, the ultimate warrior of the desert wasteland. Pretty cool costume, too! Just pair a dirty tank top with dark pants and at least four belts (fire belt buckle optional). Cover your forehead with black face paint and wrap your arm with foil or metal wire to simulate the prosthetic.


The recent NBC series Hannibal, about the early life of fictional serial killer and cannibal Hannibal Lecter, portrays the creepy villain as a classy gentleman in stylish suits. Your own suit will work fine but you can find a used suit and tie for under $20 at used clothing stores like Goodwill or Salvation Army. Comb your hair with some gel and carry Hannibal’s trademark wine glass to complete the look (remember to sniff your wine, eyes closed, before sipping). Add a few drops (or more) of red dye to your shirt collar, for a killer look.


They are the lovable little clone creatures from Despicable Me and their own recent film. Their costume is an easy one, especially for a group. Find a pair of swimming goggles, a yellow hooded sweatshirt, and denim overalls (a cheap pair of suspenders also works instead.) A cute, non-scary outfit for women, men, and children.


This is maybe the scariest costume on the list and it may also be the easiest: get a cheap suit, wear a strawberry-blonde wig, and smear your face with your favorite tan-colored foundation. And don’t forget to shout “Winner!” wherever you go.