6 Free Apps You’ll Need in College

Your smartphone doesn’t always have to be a distraction away from school. When used properly and at the right time, your phone can help you a lot inside and outside of the classroom.

Instead of carrying stacks of notes and books (which will also weigh you down on your walk to class), try converting notes and important sections into PDFs for personal use with Scanbot. Or before a midterm, unwind through guided meditation sessions with Headspace. Here are 7 free apps we recommend every college student should install today.

Google Drive

(Available on iPhone and Android)

Collaboration across students is made easy by Google. In case you need to create a basic spreadsheet or powerpoint, Google has you covered with their collection of free, online apps like Google Docs, Google Slides, or Google Sheets. You’ll have access to all of your work online from any computer, or even through your phone.




(Available on iPhone and Android)

Writing any essay can be challenging, especially if you need to cite all of the resources and articles you used. Pocket has a mobile and desktop app, so you can easily keep track of all of your sources on your laptop or on your phone.




(Available on iPhone and Android)

If you’re ever in need of sending someone a physical document, try a scanning app like Scanbot. You could create your own digital copy of a physical resume or a PDF of all of your class notes.





(Available on iPhone and Android)

Many job applicants end up not getting an interview so increase your chance of landing one by creating a profile on LinkedIn. Think of it like Facebook for your professional life. There are thousands of professionals you could connect with at a company that you want to work for. 




(Available on iPhone and Android)

Whether you’re going home for winter break or plan on traveling abroad with your friends, Hopper can help you save a lot of money on your travel plans. Hopper claims that they can save you up to 40% on your next flight by predicting the future prices of flight tickets.




(Available on iPhone and Android)

Students have a lot of things to juggle, from studying to working to hanging out with friends. If you simply want to find a way to clear your head and find some peace, Headspace will help you. The app has ten 15-minute guided meditation sessions to help you feel at ease and meditate peacefully.